Monday, 16 March 2020

Thinking Ahead Is Not a Strength of Politicians

Politicians are great when it comes to finding things to spend money on. But spending it wisely or for something that's needed is far from given. In Canada, the Province of Ontario unveiled new license plates because -- well, why not? In 2019, premier Doug Ford thought that a change was necessary. His Finance MinisterVic Fedeli said the change was "to drive a new culture throughout Ontario and this branding will signal that change."

Governments can drive change by creating jobs, cutting taxes, investing into healthcare, and countless other ways. For Ontario, home to Canada's capital and largest city, spending money on license plates is the way to go. Not only that, but there would be a change in slogan as well. Instead of "yours to discover," the plates would say "a place to grow." Both slogans are broad and ambiguous; they mean everything and nothing at the same time.

Here's the real problem with the new license plates: they aren't readable at night

It's such a simple yet amusing oversight that people can only expect from government. Who would ever think to test out a license plate on the road to see that people are able to read it. The government finally decided it would revert back to their old license plates for the time being.

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