Sunday, 15 March 2020

This Poor Coronavirus Businessman Can't Sell 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer So He's Donating Them

The coronavirus is causing a crazy, irrational response from people. Many are overreacting and hoarding loads of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as if it will somehow keep them safe. Some are going to the extreme lengths to hoard tens of thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, like Matt Colvin from Tennessee. 

The New York Times recently reported that the poor guy can't find a way to gauge people with the 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer that he's hoarded now that Amazon and other retailers are cracking down on people like him. 

It's a touchy situation that's led to him receiving death threats as a result of his actions. He's since backed off and now his website says that "The Hand Sanitizer in the NYT story is being donated to a local church and first responders tomorrow." 

Gouging people—but only a little

Perhaps part of the motivation to decide to donate the products comes after his actions attracted the attention of the Tennessee Attorney General's Office which stated that it "has ordered Matt Colvin and Noah Colvin of Hixson, Tennessee to stop buying and selling medical goods and products following reports of possible price gouging while an investigation into their actions is underway." So maybe it wasn't entirely altruism that made him have a change of heart.

But the Colvin brothers weren't trying to rip people off, honest. According to Matt Colvin, "Was I buying them intending to turn a profit off selling them? Yes. But at the same time, I wasn't in a situation where I was trying to rip people off."

The guy was just helping people. Driving across the U.S. to hoard help people gain access to hand sanitizers. In the Times report, he called it a "public service" that his customers were simply compensating him for. 

After all, his critics are probably ignorant to the expensive shipping costs that come with shipping a $2 hand sanitizer. People are paying for the heavy and excruciating labor involved with the Colvin brothers driving around, buying hand sanitizer, and then putting them into packages to ship to their valued customers. 

It sounds like back-breaking work and he probably should be compensated significantly for. Customers were probably getting it at a tremendous discount for the effort he was putting in. He also mentions the expensive Amazon-listing fees which can cost $0.99 per item sold PLUS other fees. It's a miracle how giveJerry on Amazon can offer to sell hand sanitizer for under $7 including shipping!


After all those exhaustive expenses, he said in the Times article that it cost him $16 "to get it to your door." The guy was only making a 25% profit selling the products at $20 on Amazon. Everyone knows the cost of doing business online and shipping products across the country has gotten more and more expensive over the years.

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